The Sallie House Movie: Atchison's Darkest Secret

In the dark of the night, a small town doctor is jolted awake by a thunderous pounding on his front door. With only the light from a lantern, he stumbled through the house, wrenching open the door to reveal a frantic mother clutching tightly to her gravely ill daughter. Immediately Dr. Finney ushered the woman and child inside to his examination room. He quickly determined young Sallie was suffering from appendicitis, and needed an emergency operation, lest her appendix burst. In his rush to save the poor girl, the doctor began the operation without the aid of ether or painkillers. Sallie died a most gruesome and painful death at the hands of the doctor who was desperately trying to save her.

Did her last agonizing moments on earth cause her frightened spirit to remain trapped in a small house in Atchison, Kansas? Is it the tortured spirit of the guilt-ridden doctor haunting the abode? Perhaps it is the ghost of Sallie’s mother, broken-hearted from her daughter’s untimely and horrific death, seeking vengeance for her suffering on any man who dares to enter the house.

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Join Robbie Thomas, Michael Esposito, Atchison Media Services and Rockhaven Films, as they investigate the most haunted house in America.

The Sallie House Movie on DVD

Just added - a detailed image enhancement of the Sallie House Demon Photo courtesy of After Dark Paranormal Investigations.

Read more of the history of the Sallie House and Haunted Atchison.

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